Frequently Asked Questions

About the Trimmo

The trimmer has flexible blades and a safety guard that ensures it can safety glide across the skin. The trimmer blade technology ensures you can shave all the sensitive areas.

That is correct! The Sacksafe technology ensures you can trim your entire body.

Yes, you can use The Trimmo for either a dry shave or a wet shave in the shower. Just ensure when charging The Trimmer it is kept away from the water.

Yes, The Trimmo has a 1- year warranty if there are any manufacturing defects. Please email us at and attach a photo/video and description of the defect. We can either replace with a new trimmer or provide a full refund.

More information on our return policy can be found at returns .

You can plug The Trimmo charging cable into any USB charging port—charging time is approximately 5-8 hours. Always make sure that your device is fully charged before each trimming session.

The LED indicator light will flash white while charging. The unit is fully charged when the LED indicator three bars are full.

The Trimmo comes with a cleaning brush and it is suggested that this is cleaned after each use to ensure adequate hygiene.

We love animals! Therefore none of our products are tested on animals.